Volume & Issue: Volume 13, Issue 23, May 2021, Pages 1-400 

Original Article

The Physician’s Duty to Warn Non-patients; Comparative Study in the Law of Iran and the United States of America

Pages 3-38


Atefeh Ajori Ayask; Sedigheh Muhammad Hasani; Sayyed Ali Razavi; Sayyed Hasan Vahdati Shobeiri

The Bases of Compensable Indirect Loss in the Law of Iran and English Law

Pages 119-144


Mujtaba Zamani; Soheil Taheri; Pezhman Pirouzi; Alireza Mazloom Rahni

The Validation of Generalizing the Kafir’s Testimony against Muslim in Civil Cases

Pages 203-228


Abolfazl Alishahi Qaleh Juqi; Mansoor Gharib Pour; Farkhondeh Muhammadi

Original Article

The Validation of the Condition of the Inclusion of non-Beneficiaries in Waqf

Pages 249-270


Muhammad Hasan Ghasemi; Gholam Reza Yazdani; Majid Ostad Moadab Khoshrou

Analysis of Lien in Family Institution with Emphasizing on Insolvency of Husband

Pages 271-296


Abbas Ghasemi Hamed; Muhammad Ali Saeidi; Mostafa Shahbazi; Muhammad Ali Ghavami Nia; Ali Reza Matin Nia